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In 2009, we were only 3 years old as a band. We had got through several member changes. Especially after Steve had joined us as our new drummer a year ago, we were able to gain a lot of ground with Diddi on vocals, regarding our songwriting and live show.

In last year’s October, we had finished our album Purity, and we had already played a release show at the old Knaack Club in Berlin. Another location that unfortunately had fallen victim to investors from southern Germany over the years.

Diddi had been able to land our biggest concert to date through an old friend. Namely, as support for the New York hardcore legend Pro Pain. We were one of three opening acts that night and were very excited about what to expect at the Columbia Club (formerly Fritz Club or C-Club, today Columbia Theater).

The gentlemen from overseas were not really approachable and basically spent the entire evening before their show in their nightliner outside in the parking lot. But when all of a sudden, the organizer got into a conversation with us in the catering, we were made aware of a very strange detail on the New Yorkers’ wish list.

At each show, 60 (sixty!) fresh towels had to be available, as set out in the band’s contract. “Do they eat these things for dinner?” or “What awful kinda thing they want to mop up?” we asked ourselves for the rest of the evening. The truth will probably never make it out. But no matter if Pro Pain have a secret towel fetish, or just wanted to try out what organizers would do for them like Van Halen did in the 80s, we took this story as an opportunity to dedicate one of our new songs for our upcoming album “Dimension” to this curiosity.

So, with “Sixty Towels”, we wrote a song about the love for terry cloth and the addiction to these small absorbent pieces of textile.

Download the song “Sixty Towels” for FREE right here!

And if you like what you hear, maybe you need to pick up our current album “The Ages Will Turn” right here!


Marc and Thunder And Lightning


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