Our new guitarist in action!

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Let’s welcome our new lead guitarist Fabrizio Agabiti. He officially made his debut with us on january 5th 2018 at Badehaus in Berlin. Check it out! 10

Tickets 5.1.2018 in Berlin

vvk badehaus 2018

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Am 5. Januar 2018 starten wir mit einer Liveshow im Badehaus in Berlin. Jetzt Tickets sichern:

New 8-Bit Style Video for Hysteria!

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Our “Hysteria” from our current album “The Ages Will Turn” gets a journey back to the NES days with this brand new lyrics video. Check it out!

Amon Amarth Cover

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Marc and Diddi did a video for our cover of “Deceiver Of The Gods” by the mighty Amon Amarth. So follow us up north for this journey and sip on a fresh horn of mead!


Jackson Guitars Randy Rhodes

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Here are some interviews with our guitarist Marc to promote our new album “The Ages Will Turn”: Dead Rhetoric Grande Rock

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