Hoschi (Bass), Marc (Guitars), Diddi (Vocals), Steve (Drums).

Heavy indeed but with harmony, old-school but not self-limiting traditionals – here are THUNDER AND LIGHTNING from Berlin.

You like screaming vocals, tons of riffs, shredding solos and pounding drums? You are out for a crushing live act, and a tremendous metal show? So, here you go. Existing since 2004, THUNDER AND LIGHTNING present their version of aggressive Power Metal to the scene, and place it in the glorious line of their archetypes.

The band released the debut album “Purity” in october 2008, which was highly regarded by the press and stated the band high potential and outstanding songwriting. In 2010 another big step came with “Dimension” and with it the signing of the first record deal, with Hammersound Records. The album received great reviews and played several festivals, shows together with GRAVE DIGGER, THE SWORD, PARAGON and PRO PAIN and club shows in Austria and Poland.

Bandleader Marc Wüstenhagen, who has worked together with metal acts like POSTMORTEM, EMIL BULLS in the past, was in lead for production and mix of the new album “In Charge Of The Scythe” which was released in august 2013. The album’s overarching theme involves the story about a young woman named Mary, who’s kills the grim reaper and takes over his duties as the angel of death.

In 2014 the band celebrated their 10th anniversary by releasing an EP with two re-recorded classics and three new tracks called “Slice Of Life”. Shows with ULI JON ROTH and VAN CANTO followed. In 2015 the band went to the UK to do a tour with the british power metal band Winter’s Edge. 2016 saw the release of their newest album “The Ages Will Turn”, guest musicians included ALESTORM guitarist Maté Bodor and UNZUCHT vocalist Der Schulz.

In late 2017 longtime guitarist Benjamin Dämmrich stepped down from his position in the band and italian born Fabrizio Agabiti (NOUMENO) took over on lead guitar. The album “Demonicorn” came out in november of 2019 and quickly became the fastest selling album of the bands career. 

In early 2020 Fabrizio left the band and lead guitar duties were taken over by Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger as a session musician, who also will work on solos for the upcoming album 2021 with the band.