Demonicovers now available on CD!

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Our 10 cover songs from 2019/2020 previously only release on youtube. Now on CD for all you collectors out there! To order your copy click here!

TNL Podcast – Folge 11 (German Only)

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TNL Podcast – Folge 10 (German Only)

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    In Folge 10 unseres Podcasts quatschen Diddi und Marc über die all umfassende Frage: Warum eigentlich Metal? Hört rein entweder hier oder mit diesem Link der euch auf diverse Podcastanbieter führt (Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music etc.)

Live Album now available!

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Now available to everybody! Our first live album “LIVE OVER BERLIN”. (Previously only through our INNER CIRCLE membership site release) Get your signed copy today right here:

TNL Podcast – Folge 9 (German Only)

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