Exzesse aus Frottee…

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Und so entstand mit „Sixty Towels“ ein Song über die Abhängigkeit von diesen kleinen saugfähigen Stücken Textil. Das Lied ist wie gesagt auf unserem Album „Dimension“ gelandet, aber als DANKESCHÖN, dass du uns zuhörst wenn wir von alten Banderlebnissen erzählen, geben wir dir das Ding GRATIS! Den Download von „Sixty Towels“ gibt es hier! Und […]

Tearing down the mainstream… from the inside

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I acutally would have love to see their faces when the results came in. They must have not believed their own eyes that the band they always had disregarded to make it through. The fact is that nothing will change their opinion even now probably, but it was a great feeling after all. When I […]

Maiden and me…

Diddi and Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden

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August 1989. The iron curtain is still a thing, but you can see the cracks already. More and more people are leaving my home country, the GDR, via Hungary or Czechoslovakia. I was afraid I might not get out at all, so my parents gave me an early birthday gift. A trip to Budapest. On […]

Entdeckungen der metallischen Art…

Diddi and Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden

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Up the Irons! Und wenn ihr Teil meiner weiteren Bandgeschichte sein wollt und hören wollt, was der Bursche heutzutage mit seiner eigenen Truppe verrichtet, ist metallischst eingeladen dies hier zu tun. Danke für zuhören! Euer Diddi! Holt euch „The Ages Will Turn“ von Thunder And Lightning, hier!

„Well who cares if they were all dead?“

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There was that one time in 2009 or 2010 when we where contacted by this guy from Poland. He told us he was running a festival over in Szczecin he wanted us to play at. It is not that far from our home town of Berlin, Germany and even though there was only gas money […]

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