Jackson Guitars Randy Rhodes

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Here are some interviews with our guitarist Marc to promote our new album „The Ages Will Turn“: Dead Rhetoric Grande Rock

Live Video – Welcome To The Darkside

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They needed HOW many?!….

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In 2009, we were only 3 years old as a band. We had got through several member changes. Especially after Steve had joined us as our new drummer a year ago, we were able to gain a lot of ground with Diddi on vocals, regarding our songwriting and live show. In last year’s October, we […]

Sie wollten WIE viele Handtücher?!

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2009 gab es uns als Band gerade mal 3 Jahre. Wir hatten mehrere Mitgliederwechsel hinter uns gebracht. Vor allem als ein Jahr zuvor mit Steve ein neuer Drummer zu uns gestoßen war konnten wir zusätzlich mit Diddi am Gesang eine Menge Boden gut machen, was unser Songwriting und Live Show anging. Im Oktober zuvor war […]

Tearing down the mainstream… from the inside

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I acutally would have love to see their faces when the results came in. They must have not believed their own eyes that the band they always had disregarded to make it through. The fact is that nothing will change their opinion even now probably, but it was a great feeling after all. When I […]

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